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On 10/10/2021 our very own Ollie Tyreman ran the Manchester Marathon in a fantastic sub 4-hour time of 3:51:17. A fabulous feat I’m sure you will all agree. Ollie works in one of our Supported Homes in Mossley and he raised an amazing £935! In addition to our fabulous causes in supporting terminally ill and disabled children we hope to use some of the funds supporting good causes in the Manchester area so watch this space for more details!

Ollie has put together a summary of his feelings and about the experience of running the marathon which we’ve put into a Q&A profile:

Q: So Ollie, why are you doing the Marathon?

A: Since the launch of the Inspire Youth Foundation in 2020 I have been driven to complete another marathon to raise much needed funds and to boost the profile of the charity. This also provided me with a great reason to push myself harder than ever before to not only run the marathon in it’s entirety but to also set a new PB to finish it in.

Q: So what was it like and how did you feel when you completed the run?

A: I aimed to run the race in under 4 hours, which for marathon runners is a milestone in itself. After months of training, on Sunday 10th October 2021 the Manchester Marathon got under way and I crossed the finish line exhausted, but elated at a 3:51:17 official chip time. My wife and family supported me all the way and even came and found me at the finish line where I had gone into state of post run delirium! The run was warm, long and surprisingly full of inclines. The atmosphere created by all the dedicated spectators throughout the entirety of the marathon route helped us runners get to that finish line and achieve our personal goals - 30,000 runners in total ran the race!

Q: So What good causes are being supported?

A: The funds gathered via my JustGiving page totalled £935! This surpassed the target of raising £750 due to the kindness of friends, family and work colleagues. I will be honoured to be able to attend Clare House Children’s Hospice on Wednesday 20th October 2021 as part of the Inspire Youth Foundation team to donate the funds that all those so kindly donated.

Q: Any plans for the future?

A: I look forward to raising more funds in the future as part of Inspire Youth Foundation via new, fun ways to continue to support and help various good causes. We continually welcome members of the community and public to come and help us at the Inspire youth Foundation – so get in touch and to donate and keep a close eye on the latest updates please check out the website to learn more.

Again well done Ollie! We’re all very proud of you!

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Huge well done to Chris Dyson, Gary Philbin and Alan Dootson on completing the C2C (Coast to Coast Challenge) After the customary dipping their back wheels in the North Sea, the guys decided to go from East to West for the ride starting at Sunderland and setting off to find the trail. After several hours of mis-directions sat nav issues the boys landed into Consett after around 5 hours so it wasn’t a great start – they’d lost in the region of 20 miles and had only actually knocked off 20 miles or so off the actual journey….

Nonetheless after being fed and watered the guys set off again heading Nenthead a further 29 miles away. However disaster struck when Al's tyre was ripped to shreds on a steep descent. We’d planned to get to Penrith after day one which was over 40 miles away… . We decided to drive the boys Penrith – get the tyre replaced and head back early the following day … still 90 odd miles short of reaching their destination in Workington.

After a good meal and a decent nights sleep the boys were up and early at 6 to head back to the point where Al's tyre blew out and duly started again. Disaster struck again! Gary's gear chain broke and was driven to a repair shop about 10 miles away. Nonetheless Al & Chris plodded on and Gary soon joined them once the repair was done. There was still some tough riding to go though as Hartside Pass loomed a tough 3 mile climb taking the guys to the peak of the Pennines.

The good news is though what comes up must come down! After a quick cuppa and bite to eat at the summit the boys hurtled down to Penrith in no time – so fast that Paul and I struggled to keep up in the Motorhome! 50 miles to go and could the boys do it? You bet they can and they polished off several challenges in the Lake district via Keswick to finally make it into Workington about 5.30.

A customary dip of their front wheels into the Irish Sea and the Challenge was complete! Only a 2 hour drive home now…..!

Anyway a fantastic effort by the boys and best of all they raised over £1700 for the Foundation to help with our brilliant causes – Well done once again and big shout out to Paul for covering about 400 miles plus over the 2 days of narrow and steep lanes and some dodgy navigation from Tony (me!)

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We are incredibly proud to say that we are working closely with Claire House Children's Hospice to facilitate positive and enriching experiences for the young people in their care who are afflicted with severe life-limiting illness, and provide their families with support in their day to day struggles.

Further information on Claire House and the care they provide can be found at

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