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The families are very appreciative, really helps when in financial difficulty and they are dealing with so much, that this money can come so easily at a time of compete distress. Families are often out of work due to a poor diagnosis and struggling emotionally, as well as many many hospital appointments so often out of work worried about money, when money like this easily comes to them they feel they can treat their very poorly child – a lovely treat with no guilt – gifts, toys and a fun day out the family can look forward and enjoy together – not spent on bills.


One family struggle financially and can’t justify some of the costly sensory items their child benefits from as they are specialist and cost a lot however this money is for them and they can purchase such items to help with their child’s sensory issues – hearing & visual impairment. As well as games and toys to help with development and things they can enjoy together, helps to bond as a family.

One family helped decorate the room with specialised items and a new bespoke chair – the child has very poor mobility and needs to be seated so comfortable and safe – risk of falls, pain and respiratory problems – this new chair really helps with positioning and comfort and could be used for different things – relaxing, activities, feeding – brought joy to them all.


Thank you!!

-Claire House

Happy Boy
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